African Expressions...

Wiz Kudowor (Ghana)

Wisdom Edinam Kudowor, aka "Wiz", one of Ghana`s premier and well-regarded contemporary artists, counts among the visionaries.
You wonder what came first and how on canvas: the immediate outer image or the message that speaks subtly beneath? You are struck by the technical accomplishment; then and more powerfully by the unusual vision underpinning the message - the way Africa and African-ness is captured as fluid context within and through which universal themes of shared thought, feeling and action can be re-imagined. It is the transformation that takes place on canvas in one`s mind upon second gaze, I think, that captures Wiz`s artistic core and powers the reverential accolades he gathers from admirers.

Yinka Adeyemi (Nigeria)

Yinka masterfully uses his indigenous wisdom to create visions that evoke the cultural mores of his people. He uses its virtuosity to juxtapose ageless customs with a markedly contemporary flair. His artworks are an exhilarating amalgamation of Western Culture and mythological beliefs of the Yorubas.

James Cudjoe (Ghana)
James Cudjoe, a new generation cosmopolitan artist, was born on September 7th 1971 in Takoradi, a bustling port city in Ghana. James`s palette captures landscapes, cityscapes and people at work and leisure. These are common themes for Ghanaian artists. It would be easy, but lazy, to brand this work as a simple representation of static people and places.

"What inspires this recurring theme?"
"My mother," he replied simply.
He continued, "I love my mum so much, the way she behaves towards me, the kind of love she shows towards me. She sold her cloths to put me through school. There is nothing I do without her in mind."

Ben Agbee (Ghana)

Ben Agbee discovered his artistic talents whilst in school. He found art as an easy way to express his thoughts. Agbee's style is distinctive and original. He focuses almost exclusively on the subject of African women, usually in profile, often drawing on two different motifs for their depiction.

Kobina Nyarko

Kobina Nyarko explores the sub-aquatic world in his recent works. He succeeds in capturing the vibrant colors and motion of tropical fish, whilst playing with the metaphors of fish symbolism. This "trademark" theme makes his work easy to recognize. The swirling, mesmerizing schools of fish captivate all of Nyarko's viewers and collectors.


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