Jaw dropping MADNESS y'all!

Ok. So. China.

BEIJING — An unemployed man entered a kindergarten in Jiangsu Province in eastern China on Thursday morning and stabbed 28 kindergarten students and three adults, critically wounding at least five children, local authorities and state news agencies reported.

What the...? I'm pretty much a self-proclaimed hater wen it comes to little people but umm...to stab em? with an 8" knife...in kindergarten...

WHAT kinda demon IS you?

Read on!

----- the most expensive commercial ever made

"History has revealed a lot of what Malcolm X was saying was true." - Thomas Hagan (Malcolm X Killer)

Hagan said he received a master's degree in sociology while incarcerated and that helped him deal with his actions from 45 years ago.

"I understand a lot better the dynamics of movements and what can happen inside movements and conflicts that can come up, but I have deep regrets about my participation in that." He added, "Unfortunately, I didn't have an in-depth understanding of what was really going on myself to let myself be involved in anything like that. ... I can't really describe my remiss and my remorse for my actions -- basically a very young man, a very uneducated man. "

Earth day


Earth gets one day, alright, the other 364 days we're-we're-we're cranking the AC in our Hummer and then that one day a year, "ooh let's separate the plastic".

You know what I think? I think that once we die out, a couple hundred years, Earth is gonna have a people day, you know, to remember us. One day a year she is gonna laugh and laugh and shake our bones.

- Stephen Kepler (Dollhouse ''Briar's Rose'') -

The Forgotten City!

Iceland's volcanic dust fiasco is just that - a fiasco. It reminded me however of a documentary I watched 2-3 years ago...It's amazing, the things a brain can store.

Hidden Killers

What would you do if you had to worry about landmines every time you went to the store, took a drive in the countryside or went to see your doctor?

On Sunday, the United Nations will mark the international day for awareness and assistance in relation to landmines. Only a ban will stop landmine tragedies.

Unlike other weapons of war, landmines and unexploded ordnance are unique in that their destructiveness is indiscriminate, and long outlasts the conflicts for which they were used. They endanger generation after generation of civilians, especially children.

"Simply being a child, with a natural curiosity and desire to play, touch, seek and explore, is risky in an environment contaminated with explosive remnants of war. "

- Unicef -

Currently, there is an estimated 110 million landmines in atleast 64 countries. The most heavily affected being Mozambique, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Egypt, Angola, Cambodia and Iran. It's been reported that there has been upto 800 deaths a month, mostly innocent civilians, with thousands more maimed for life.

The Curse of the Sands looks at the victims and their shattering stories in el-Alamein, Egypt noted to have over 20 milion unexploded ordnances to date.

World Autism Awareness Day

Autism is a general term used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). Today, it is estimated that one in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism, making it more common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined. However according to "Autism Inspiration":
"Many think that a diagnosis of autism signals a child is doomed to a lonely livelihood devoid of any accomplishments. History has verified this current theory to be false, and many people amongst the higher-functioning forms of the autism-experience went on to do sharp things."

This is worth the watch!
Great cast and phenomenal performance let alone a beautiful captivation of an extraordinary human being. It's a fascinating biopic of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who has become one of top scientists in humane livestock handling.
"Few see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts."
- Albert Einstein