Good Hair...

LOL @ layaway! It's funny and sad (to be honest) to see just how insecure these women really are. I'm looking forward to this movie.

Get Outta Da Slums!

Malcolm X once sed after his brief visit to Cairo...''All the Middle East needs is a good PR firm'' & that was like a gazillion years ago -- didn't they get the memo?!

The Arabs are so far behind in EVERYTHING compared to the rest of the world. I mean regardless of Africa (She has her obvious reasons). How friggin' ironic; considering the fact that it was the Arabs who gave the west La Renaissance (say it with a french accent)! Without Arabs and Islam...*sigh* you know the rest!

I read this article...& it was just so ingenious, it's almost as if I wrote it myself specially where he goes on saying...

I also think that, militarily, we have got to abandon the Middle East. By all means, send the Arabs our teachers, our economists, our agronomists. But bring our soldiers home. They do not defend us. They spread the same chaos that breeds the injustice upon which the al-Qa'idas of this world feed. No, the Arabs – or, outside the Arab world, the Iranians or the Afghans – will not produce the eco-loving, gender equal, happy-clappy democracies that we would like to see. But freed from "our" tutelage, they might develop their societies to the advantage of the people who live in them. Maybe the Arabs would even come to believe that they owned their own countries.

But I mean, you Arabs man, Shame on you! *tsk* *tsk*

It's Never 'Too' Late!

This video is a one of a kind story about a young man who repents after a life-changing accident which brings him back to Allah.

''Do not despair of the mercy of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) because of any sin you have committed, but wash away the dirt from the garment of your religion [din] with the water of repentance [tawba], of sustained and sincere repentance. Then perfume and disinfect that garment with the fragrance of direct experience [ma'rifa].''

- Sheikh AbdulQadir Al-Jilani -

Somalia Tops 'Failed States'

-- 'Too Failed' Even For

Foreign Policy considers aspects of national
life ranging from "demographic pressures" and "economic decline" to "human
rights" and "factionalized elites." The top 10 failed states,
with their index figures:

Somalia, 114.7
Zimbabwe, 114
Sudan, 112.4
Chad, 112.2
Democratic Republic of Congo, 108.7
Iraq, 108.6
Afghanistan, 108.2
Central African Republic, 105.4
Guinea, 104.6
Pakistan, 104.1

First place --- W00t...ok sorry!

I want to say I lost hope...

But I wasn't much of an optimist to begin with so I'm not as disappointed as I've imagined I would be. Let's face it, we saw it coming. But it does ultimately sadden me to see the figures straight up. I mean I know we were doin bad and denial was tangible, but this is just cringe-worthy.

Somalia TOOSO Dammit!!


Holdin' On...

Fading slowly,
The agony increasing
The over-head cloud
That signaled her doom
Came quicker than light
Tearful eyes
Fearful times
Searchin for a song

To numb the misery
She's almost gone
But she's holding on...




A hilarious and shockingly honest insight into a real Egyptian woman s heart, mind and soul.

Fe-mail is the Arab world's answer to Sex and the City and Amy Mowafi really is Arabia's very own Carrie Bradshaw.


Socotra is a small archipelago of four islands and islets in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Horn of Africa. It is so isolated that a third of its plant life is found nowhere else on the planet. It has been described as *the most alien-looking place on Earth*.

The inhabitants are of Arab, Somali & South Asian origins. They follow the Islamic faith, and speak Soqotri, a Semitic language. Their primary occupation has been fishing, livestock rearing and date cultivation. Recently tourism has also become a means of livelihood

Now, exactly why does this place belong to Yemen?

- What a TRAGEDY!


We chain ourselves,
imprison our thoughts,
silence our voices,
and watch injustice slowly rape our independence
and freedom before our very eyes.
Then claim 'what can WE do?'
Why fight for freedom
wen we ourselves made it a burden?
See we are not truly free
until we un-swallow the key
that'll untie our binds
and open this cage we've built.
We're not truly free
until we set ourselves free.

- A

This can apply to both external and internal affairs. Of the nafs, in terms of our own 'selves', we've succumbed to the worship of physical desires and allowed ourselves to fall victim to the bonds of material slavery. & As somalis subjugating through violence, we've become slaves amongst ourselves.

Kader Attia

Born in 1970 to an Algerian family in a Paris suburb, Attia has quickly and forcefully imposed himself on the international art scene. His work explores questions of community, diversity, belonging and exile and the tangle of identity conflicts in the age of globalisation.

- Ghosts -

In Ghost, a large installation of a group of Muslim women in prayer, Attia renders their bodies as vacant shells, empty hoods devoid of personhood or spirit. Made from tin foil - a domestic, throw away material - Attia’s figures become alien and futuristic, synthesising the abject and divine. Bowing in shimmering meditation, their ritual is equally seductive and hollow, questioning modern ideologies - from religion to nationalism and consumerism - in relation to individual identity, social perception, devotion and exclusion.

Attia’s Ghost evokes contemplation of the human condition as vulnerable and mortal; his impoverished materials suggest alternative histories or understandings of the world, manifest in individual and temporal experience.