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Once upon a time...

OMGah homeless guy!!
M: and?
*whimpers* he just gave me 'ze aye' (the eye)
M: LOL...oooh he wants you!
A: *hyperventilating* OMGah
M: You so dopey...why you scared?
A: I've always had dis fear...that they'd bite me...and I get like a disease and like...DYE!
*laughs hysterically*
Der should b a name for it? Ughh homophobia's already tak --- can we walk faster I think he heard us!


The End!

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Chiwetel Ejiofor to play Fela

Focus Features movie about the African musician and activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti now officially has its leading man. Chiwetel Ejiofor is formally attached to play Fela in the film that will be directed by Steve McQueen, the British artist who made his helming debut on Hunger, the drama about the Irish hunger strike that starred Michael Fassbender.

Fela, considered Africa’s answer to Bob Marley, is as famous for his Afrobeat musical style--a fusion of jazz, funk and West African drums--as he was for speaking out against government oppression in Nigeria. He was a larger than life figure, had 27 wives, and his outspoken nature proved costly when his house was raided and his 78-year old mother thrown to her death from a second-story window. He deposited the coffin on the steps of the Nigerian leader's home.

Source: Deadline

This looks promising!



Just got done watching 2012 - one of last year's most probably publicized and criticized movie. As usual, I didn't want my opinion of the movie to be influenced by critics and/or pessimists who frankly forget that it's just entertainment. If anything, 2012 should have left everyone with an inkling of love for humanity despite our self-destructive tendencies! A prophecy? - More like fiction. The graphics? - believable and commendable. The overall tone? - a emotional and psychological rollercoaster.

Definetly one for the collectibles.

Loved One.

I met him briefly
on a dusty afternoon, July of 2001.
Shyness overwhelmed me
but his tender eyes made me feel welcome.
Toothpick hanging off his bottom lip
macawis bunched up in his right fist
He was tall, dark and handsome.
His voice was pretty deep...
Deep enough to vibrate his adam's apple.
& his smile caused his cheeks to ripple
he smelt like old spice and cigarettes
carried a cassette deck playin' Will Smith's ''wild wild west''

on a dusty afternoon, July of 2001
he left me with this vivid memory.

Years have passed since we last saw each other
since the afternoons of burco's splendid summer.
It's been years since he left this earth
since his voice called out to bring me back.

R.I.P Mohammed Tafnid

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