Loved One.

I met him briefly
on a dusty afternoon, July of 2001.
Shyness overwhelmed me
but his tender eyes made me feel welcome.
Toothpick hanging off his bottom lip
macawis bunched up in his right fist
He was tall, dark and handsome.
His voice was pretty deep...
Deep enough to vibrate his adam's apple.
& his smile caused his cheeks to ripple
he smelt like old spice and cigarettes
carried a cassette deck playin' Will Smith's ''wild wild west''

on a dusty afternoon, July of 2001
he left me with this vivid memory.

Years have passed since we last saw each other
since the afternoons of burco's splendid summer.
It's been years since he left this earth
since his voice called out to bring me back.

R.I.P Mohammed Tafnid

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