Skank Robbers

Who would've thought this would EVER happen?! Sheneneh & Wanda?..Together?! - I think hilariously funny would be an under-statement!


Based on the Novel by Sapphire, Precious is a 2009 drama film, about a teenage girl living in Harlem, who has been impregnated twice by her father and is withstanding a hurtful relationship with her mother. Starring Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton, Lenny Kravitz & Mariah Carey. Produced by Tyler Perry & Oprah Winfrey.

Push is courageous and uncompromising, a shaken cocktail of debasement, elation, despair and hope.

R.I.P Michael Jackson!

"Before you judge me...Try hard to Love me"

- 1958 - 2009 -

No Price Is Too High

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

- Friedrich Nietzsche -

Lemme baffle yo' soul...

Imagine my face a blank one. Expressionless!
Whatever you 'do' will reflect in my reflection of you.
What do you see?

They say a smile goes along way. What about the underlying intention? What if that smile was a no more than an empty one or one with a grudge behind it? A smile costs nothing but what if it comes with an untangible price like that of a warlord who's finally got paid? Or a corupt government official that just got elected?

If it's the thought that counts then what about the action? Thoughts become words and words become actions, so if action speaks louder than words, wouldn't you be able to hear my thoughts too?...

Failure Or?

- Success -

Get to the top, but never let them see you sweat!

Tiananmen Square

In April 1989, tens of thousands of Chinese students began calling for democratic reform and a halt to rising corruption. The protests centered around Tiananmen Square, where people camped out and more than 1 million marched for change. After two months of rallies demanding reform, the government ordered the army to clear the square and on June 4 troops opened fired on hundreds of unarmed students and civilians in the area.

June 5 however, saw one last act of defiance: a solitary man who placed himself in the way of a row of tanks, as if -- with nothing but his skinny body and two shopping bags -- he might take on the entire military. The tanks tried to reroute around him, but he stepped back into their line and continued to block them. He climbed onto the first tank and knocked against its hull -- in an act at once staggeringly defiant and yet oddly pleading. Then he disappeared into the crowd, never to be identified. Twenty years later, the impact of his actions remains as uncertain as his name.

Even 20 years later, it remains like that man we all remember, known everywhere and yet unknowable.


Forgive me Allah, forgive me for my ignorance and/
if I've sinned, pardon my disobedience and/
if I'm lost, bless me with your guidance and/
if I'm tainted, redeem my former innocence and/
let me rise, I realise just how wrong I've been!



I seriously love her life!

  • The Queen who would be King.
  • The only female pharoah in the history of Egypt's ancient dynasty known to have ruled the longest reign.
  • She dressed like a male pharoah would and eventually, dropped the female ending from her name ('t') and became His Majesty, Hatshepsu.
  • Queen Hatshepsut was the first great woman in recorded history: the forerunner of such figures as Cleopatra, Catherine the Great and Elizabeth I.
  • She was the first pharoah to venture out into the land of Punt and provide Egypt with incense, animals, animal skins, gum, gold, ivory and ebony.

Discovery Channel - Secrets of Egypts Lost Queen

Yinka Shonibare

Shonibare explores issues of race and class through a range of media that includes sculpture, painting, photography, and installation art. A key material in Shonibare's work since 1994 are the brightly coloured 'African' fabrics (Dutch wax-printed cotton) that he buys himself from Brixton market in London. "But actually, the fabrics are not really authentically African the way people think," says Shonibare. "They prove to have a crossbred cultural background quite of their own. And it’s the fallacy of that signification that I like. It’s the way I view culture—it’s an artificial construct."


Just One of 'Those' Dayz!

This is that day cause I can feel it
You know the type of day you ain't lettin' bad vibes invade your spirit
As the birds chirp your favorite tune
It's like I'm right back in my momma's womb
Cause everything is so serine
And the temperature is just right
Not a worry in sight
And plus the sun is shining bright, it's a beautiful day
It's a beautiful day
- Gym Class Heroes -

- الحمد لله -

She Tuck's Me In...

Lyrics *excerpt*

The light of the full moon shines down,
illuminating the world with its divine light

When my lover sneaks in to visit me,
I wish that the clouds would hide that light just a little.