In the land of Multitudes and Maya, where 40% of the worlds luxury labels find a podium, there isnt a single local label! UAEs Retail Explosion has been at the expense of its national brands. Challenging this emotional servitude, questioning why the very fabric wrapping their inner faith is imported Zahra M, Rabia Z, and Deeya N, struggle sans support, sans education, to protect their fabric of faith being bleached away by rapid-commercialism. Ambitiously reclaiming the real image of their veils, reworking their threads of tradition, mixing pop-imagery with provocative Middle Eastern elements they add colour, cut and creativity to their cultural cloth- reflecting the real images of emerging Arab streets.


AmanDa Div@

Rapper, visual artist, writer, comidienne, actress, commentator, singer, songwriter...& it goes on & on.

In Her Head

Everyday Queen

Afro Series

-- Fre$h on the $cene --

Rahma Mohamed

Hodo Musa


Women's Liberation in Somalia

Nuruddin Farah has garnered acclaim as one of the greatest contemporary writers in the world. Having published many short stories, novels and essays, his prose has earned him, among other accolades, the Premio Cavour in Italy, the Kurt Tucholsky Prize in Sweden, the Lettre Ulysses Award in Berlin, and in 1998, the prestigious Neustadt International Prize for Literature. In the same year, the French edition of his novel Gifts also won the St. Malo Literature Festival’s prize. In addition, Farah is a perennial nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature, which is one of the only major literary prizes he has yet to win.

Any words of wisdom?

"I really don’t have any. I don’t have any direct philosophies to my own life. I only know that the surprises are greater than the wisdom."
- K'Naan -


From the huge billboards he put up during the Paris Riots, to the ridiculous work he did in the Favelas in Rio, to the paste-work on Tate Modern, JR pronounced Jee-Yer comes at us with a new project from his recurring theme of big blown-up oversized, close-cropped black and white portraits echoing the traits of superhumanity.


The Wisdom of the Desert Priests

Learning to choose

Saint Antão was living in the desert, when a young man came to him:

- Father, I sold all my belongings and gave to the poor. I kept only a few things in order to survive here. I want you to teach me the way to salvation.

Saint Antão asked the young man to sell the few things he had kept and, with the money, to buy meat in town. He was to return with the meat tied to his body.The young man obeyed. On his way back, he was attacked by dogs and falcons, who wanted a piece of the meat.

- I am back – said the young man, showing his scratched, bitten body, and his clothes in rags. Why did you tell me to do that?

- To show that what you brought from your past, is of no use in your present. When you must choose a new path, do not bring old experiences with you. Those who strike out afresh, but who attempt to retain a little of the old life, end up torn apart by their own memories.

- The Warrior of the Light -
- Paulo Coelho -

One At A Time

As official Staying Alive Foundation Ambassador, Travis trekked the globe visiting grassroots, youth HIV and AIDS prevention projects.

He might be home now, but the adventure is far from over... Travis has been tasked with writing a brand new track based on his experience.

Here it is:

Let’s take a minute and reflect on what we can do
to be smart and play a part in something beautiful
embrace life, appreciate the fact you’re even breathing
cos we in the cross hairs and it’s open season
if each one teaches one, we got a good start
you’re not a square because you care and have a good heart
we gotta speak soft, and listen hard
it’s right in front of our face but we don’t even bother