Get Outta Da Slums!

Malcolm X once sed after his brief visit to Cairo...''All the Middle East needs is a good PR firm'' & that was like a gazillion years ago -- didn't they get the memo?!

The Arabs are so far behind in EVERYTHING compared to the rest of the world. I mean regardless of Africa (She has her obvious reasons). How friggin' ironic; considering the fact that it was the Arabs who gave the west La Renaissance (say it with a french accent)! Without Arabs and Islam...*sigh* you know the rest!

I read this article...& it was just so ingenious, it's almost as if I wrote it myself specially where he goes on saying...

I also think that, militarily, we have got to abandon the Middle East. By all means, send the Arabs our teachers, our economists, our agronomists. But bring our soldiers home. They do not defend us. They spread the same chaos that breeds the injustice upon which the al-Qa'idas of this world feed. No, the Arabs – or, outside the Arab world, the Iranians or the Afghans – will not produce the eco-loving, gender equal, happy-clappy democracies that we would like to see. But freed from "our" tutelage, they might develop their societies to the advantage of the people who live in them. Maybe the Arabs would even come to believe that they owned their own countries.

But I mean, you Arabs man, Shame on you! *tsk* *tsk*

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