Somalia Tops 'Failed States'

-- 'Too Failed' Even For

Foreign Policy considers aspects of national
life ranging from "demographic pressures" and "economic decline" to "human
rights" and "factionalized elites." The top 10 failed states,
with their index figures:

Somalia, 114.7
Zimbabwe, 114
Sudan, 112.4
Chad, 112.2
Democratic Republic of Congo, 108.7
Iraq, 108.6
Afghanistan, 108.2
Central African Republic, 105.4
Guinea, 104.6
Pakistan, 104.1

First place --- W00t...ok sorry!

I want to say I lost hope...

But I wasn't much of an optimist to begin with so I'm not as disappointed as I've imagined I would be. Let's face it, we saw it coming. But it does ultimately sadden me to see the figures straight up. I mean I know we were doin bad and denial was tangible, but this is just cringe-worthy.

Somalia TOOSO Dammit!!


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