Hidden Killers

What would you do if you had to worry about landmines every time you went to the store, took a drive in the countryside or went to see your doctor?

On Sunday, the United Nations will mark the international day for awareness and assistance in relation to landmines. Only a ban will stop landmine tragedies.

Unlike other weapons of war, landmines and unexploded ordnance are unique in that their destructiveness is indiscriminate, and long outlasts the conflicts for which they were used. They endanger generation after generation of civilians, especially children.

"Simply being a child, with a natural curiosity and desire to play, touch, seek and explore, is risky in an environment contaminated with explosive remnants of war. "

- Unicef -

Currently, there is an estimated 110 million landmines in atleast 64 countries. The most heavily affected being Mozambique, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Egypt, Angola, Cambodia and Iran. It's been reported that there has been upto 800 deaths a month, mostly innocent civilians, with thousands more maimed for life.

The Curse of the Sands looks at the victims and their shattering stories in el-Alamein, Egypt noted to have over 20 milion unexploded ordnances to date.

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