Going Silver!

اللهم يطول بعمرهم و يبارك لهم و يزيد الخير و المحبة بينهم
امين يا رب العالمين

It's officially been 25 years since my parents tied the knot and they're still going strong.

To my mom, it was equivalent to a business arrangement. To my dad it was 'love at first sight'. I love their story however generic and simple it might have been, the bond they formed proved to become a phenomenal union.

Here's a re-constructed modernistic twist to the beginning of their life:

- Aboo -

She was drop-dead gorgeous!

At first, I heard alot of rumors about her. The manner in which her beauty was arrayed among conversations between fellow tribesmen only made me more eager to witness it with my own eyes. I wanted to find her. Coincidently, I did, a few days later I came to know that she was the sister-in-law of a good old friend of mine. I would often visit but never have the chance to see her, so I inquired more about her and found out she was an excelling student at a local nursing school. Brains & beauty?! Seemed like I struck a gold mine.

Months had passed but I was yet to meet her until one fated day on a visit to their house. I was briefly left alone in the living room, not expecting to really see her, but there she was. She walked in with grace and a tray in her hand, said her salaams and quickly walked out. Even though it was but a mere few minutes, I was confident to say I was smitten. An angel on earth I thought. Now I had to have her. She was everything a queen should be. Words just can't do her justice. As I saw more of her, I grew restless. I wanted her to have my last name and give me daughters that looked just like her. I wanted to give her the world. I kept a close eye on her through her brother-in-law, my dearest friend. He would tell me of her ambitious hunger. Her drive to succeed and graduate. So I took it upon myself to help her, only without her knowledge and pay her school fees. Time faded and I waited but patience was wearing thin. In the end, I gathered all the might I could muster, wore my heart on my sleeve and finally approached her. & so we became.

- Hoyo -

Oh him?...He stalked me! lol

I didn't know much about him and frankly he wasn't the most handsome guy in town either. He frequented my sister's house alot but I usually stayed in hiding. My sister praised him whenever she spoke of him. ''He's from a good family and a respected tribe. A self-made man of humble wealth'' she said, "You won't find anyone better and besides he's infactuated with you. That's always a good sign right?!'' But I wasn't convinced. I saw a bright future for myself. I wanted to become a doctor someday and I loved school. I didn't want to be tied down. Oppurtunity had windows and doors opened for me.

So I ignored his existence for a few months until the day we officially met. It was my day off relaxing in my bedroom. Had the AC on blast and a book in my hand while the TV made a ruckus in the background. Just then, my brother-in-law requested I make tea for two as he was entertaining a guest (my sister happened to be MIA). So I did. I didn't need a rocket science degree to figure out what he was up to. For a slight second the thought of switching salt for sugar had slipped my mind, but dismisssed it and walked over to the living room. Lo' & behold brother-in-law was no where in sight. But 'HE' was - I mean, your father. Bald headed and awkwardly silent. It was clearly a set-up and I wanted no part of it! Seasons passed and I graduated Nursing school. I got a job at the hospital and studied further on the side. As for him, He finally popped the question after 2 years of hot-pursuit. Honestly, I still don't remember - why - I sed 'Yes'...But I never regretted it.

Life has been so good to me. You know I love you right?

I love you too Habibi!

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