The Call of Bilâl and the Tears of Al Shâm

It is reported that Bilâl (RA) never used to call the adhân for anyone after the death of Allâh’s Messenger (SAWS). He wanted to go for al-jihâd but Abû Bakr (RA) didn’t want him to go. So Bilâl said, “If you freed me [when I was a slave] for Allâh’s pleasure, then let me go.” So he went to Al-Shâm. When ‘Umar (RA) arrived in Al-Jâbiyah [during his Caliphate], the Muslims requested him to ask Bilâl to do the adhân for them, so ‘Umar asked him. He called the adhân one day, and never were as many people heard crying as on that day, as they remembered the Prophet (SAWS).

It is said that the adhân of the people of Al-Shâm was taken from this adhân.

- Al-Dhahabî, Siyar A’lâm Al-Nubalâ`, in his biography of Bilâl b. Abî Rabâh. -


I've been watching this Syrian show as of late right and I don't usually watch Syrian or Lebanese series simply because I can't get used to the dialect - being raised in the Gulf (Khaleej) and all. Anyway the show's called Bab el-Hara and I always find myself admiring their Adhan (call to prayer) more than I would the khaleeji or egyptian versions. Guess there was a valid reason afterall.

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