Next on the agenda: Illeteracy!

Somali schools should stop using "un-Islamic" textbooks distributed by the United Nations, a spokesman for the Islamist group al-Shabab has said.

Now, aint that a female-dog?!

It's one thing being a war-lord, stripping yourself off any decent humanizing attributes but slapping a "لا إلة إلا اللة" head band on your damn head and claiming it all in the name of islam is appaling. Orphaning them, casting them out to starvation, forcing them to seek refuge anywhere but their own home and as if that wasn't enough, now you wanna take away their right to a decent education? Tryna break some record are we?

"I call upon all Somali parents not to send their youngsters to schools with curriculum supported by the UN agencies." said Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage