Qasidah Burdah.

The Poem of the Cloak, is arguably the most memorised and recited poem in the Muslim world. It was written seven centuries ago by a man who wanted to write one final poem among his many poems already written to the person he loved but had never seen; to the person he always cherished to meet but hadn't been unable to do so; the person he had always thought about and felt so distant from.

Suffering from paralysis the destitute poet Sharafuddin Muhammad Al-Busiri penned a poem written from the innermost depths of his yearning heart and it was on that fateful night thereafter when he fell asleep. The person he so loved and yearned to meet embraced him in his dream moving his noble hand across his face, and placed his cloak upon him as an acceptance of his love that forms the spirit of the Burdah poetry. The Burdah poem or the poem of the cloak/mantle is a simple and sheer rendering of spiritual love and praise from one soul to the beloved of beloveds, Muhammad (saws).

And it goes a little something like this...

What excellence lies in the birth of a prophet adorned with such character!

Beauty itself shines forth from his smiling face!

Exquisite as a lily, illustrious as a full moon,Magnanimous as the ocean, persistent as time.

Due to his majesty, even when alone, He seemed surrounded by military might and cohorts of courtiers.

It is as if precious pearls, locked in their shells,Poured from the treasury of his sweet mouth and smile.

As if, face to face with the sun,Minds were forced to blink at the mere sight of him.

No perfume is as sweet as the ground that holds his bones –What Paradise awaits the one who breathes its scent or brushes lips against its soil!

These are just a few stanza's from the long Poem.

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