So just got done watchin a segment on Tyra Show dat revolved around whether spanking yo kids is a good thing or a bad thing.

Personally, I aint gon' lie. "Ma ass got WHUPPED" and you know what yeah I didn't like it, yeah it hurt and yeah at the time I borderline carried nothin but HATE for my parents everytime they struck me. But it was a positive thing. I learnt from my mistakes and I feared to repeat them, well more like thought twice before I even did!

Some of them argued that ''spanking'' wasn't necessary when you can merely take away their privledges and once again my folks implemented both. But the main thing is, spanking/ass whuppin has a lasting effect.

In the end, I respect them for it, I understand why they did it and best believe I will be doing the same thang with my little people.

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