Sevan Bicakci was selected one of Tanzanite Foundation's five award winning independent designers. His jewelry designs and mostly the rings are like pieces of architectural masterpieces coming from the past. Every single piece makes you feel like you wear the miniature of a monument. (That's exactly what I was gonna say...) History combined with stones; perfectly hand crafted designs therefore make Sevan rings unique and precious. (Indeed -- I'm willing to sell my teeth)

He doesn't expect the masses to understand or desire his jewelry. He feels that he doesn't appeal to women looking for accessories (*sigh* if only he knew...)! Instead, he feels his jewelry puts itself in the foreground, shifting the role of the wearer to that of a medium between itself and the beholders (what?...Look, it's purddy...I get it, no need for big words!)

"I like jewelry that communicates..." -- Sevan Bicakci (Yeah well so do we...mass produce already - will ya?!)


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