So some street art appears & then disappears (Go figure) at the Park 51 mosque site or more controversially known as the "ground-zero mosque". The sign said "Islam is welcome here - We are a tolerant nation"...

It was a short lived appearence but I guess the message was read LOUD & CLEAR. So who's behind all this?! Trustocorp - a rogue group of sarcastic street sign substituters in NY City.
"We're not huge fans of religion, but we are huge fans of freedom."
Well hey aren't we all *toothy smile* & I tell you I'm already a fan. See this is why I love art because it's a form of expression - sometimes used to speak out on issues that matter, issues that are relevant, educate the masses & touch hearts world wide!

Check them out on Twitter, Facebook & ofcourse their dope a$s page on Flickr

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I Love TrustoCorp!