Obsessives: Soda Pop

YT comments:

"This is such a fantastic profile piece. The guy comes off as so knowledgeable and so jolly that I want to go to LA just to try his sodas. Any time I get jaded with work I just watch this because he's so filled with enthusiasm I can't help but cheer up!"

- galaxyhorsevideofilm

"This guy is so gangsta! Such a BEAST! We need more people like this man running stores! This is freedom right here people. None of that false freedom crap the big companies make you believe."

- Uitsdo

"If everyone cared about their customers, and their business partners, and the history of their products and what makes each unique, and the environment, and fairness and true competition in business regulations the way John Nese does, this could be a great country again. I don't even care for soda that much anymore, but I think he just showed me why."

- theLunchMovie

"This guy loves his work. One should be able to bottle his passion for his work. Watch and ask yourself if You enjoy your work with the same passion."

- healthyadjustments

"That was a pretty interesting video and i learned a lot from it.
And look at how much he's learned just for playing in a soda shop all day."

- MrDoeofan23

"I like people that love their jobs .. No matter how simple it is you can make it magical like this man. Seriously he brought magic to this shop."

- resistanceunion

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