Ah recycled art, how I love thee...

London artist Nick Gentry creates floppy disk paintings and art from the obsolete technology of society. As part of a generation that grew up surrounded by floppy disks, VHS tapes, polaroids and cassettes, he is inspired by the sociological impact of a new internet culture.

"The paintings are made from recycled media. The life and personality of these objects are a big part of each artwork. I try to use objects that have come to the end of their useful life before looking for new materials."

"His portraits use a combination of obsolete media formats, making a comment on waste culture, life cycles and identity. Using old disks as a canvas, these artefacts are combined to create photo-fits and identities that may draw connections to the personal information that is then forever locked down underneath the paint.

This has led to an exploration of the ways in which humankind is integrating with technology. As it reaches a tipping point, this new movement is becoming increasingly apparent as a cultural and social transition of our time. Will humans be forever compatible with our own technology?"

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