Left Senseless...

This...tongue of mine tasted a nearing end
but not before the promising essence of hope overwhelmed
and sent me into a trans,
I must admit I almost swallowed the bait and fell for it
but alas like a fleeting dream
colours faded till white became black
and all I could taste was a nearing end
with this...toungue of mine

This...nose of mine breathes in a familiar scent
of a peaceful beginning only as it was imagined
like being in a phase you knew existed but never did,
the trail of the old mixed in with the new
the hint of reds, greens and blue,
& the sweetness of what could have been true
yet I breathe
through this...nose of mine

These...eyes of mine sees history repeating itself,
I keep picturing a race that's fallen from grace
so fast it couldn't count it's pace
but when it slowed down it only went back,
came back to retake the path it took
I try to relate and find a mistake
somewhere in time before it was too late
but I see no more
than the 'us' that destroy the 'we' in 'them'
with these...eyes of mine

These...ears of mine hears everything
through space and time,
it's all in a rhyme,
rhythmic cries and souless whines,
I hear them all.
I hear the murderous words that pierced into my past,
wounded my tommorow and left my today for dead
It sounds deafening, grungy and hollow
yet thats all I hear
with these...ears of mine

& These...hands of mine that feel each dew on a leaf like braile,
air's so humid, temperature's frail,
I reach for someone but to no avail,
I know we've sinned, I feel I've failed
and now I'm left crippled & homeless
a refugee nomad walking this earth
But I'll leave my mark
with these...hands of mine


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