Happy B'day Gandhi & Movie Recommendation...

Love reading books and watching documentaries about this guy. I was first introduced to him in history class back in elementary school (for some reason they taught us bout the history of India for 2 whole semesters). Anyway, figured I'd share a great movie that reflects his ideals and shows how his efforts slowly changed the fate of the nation.

Water is a movie set in 1938 Colonial India, against Mahatma Gandhi’s rise to power.

It's nothing like your typical Bollywood movies with heroes and heroines running around a big tree, rolling down the hill & singing songs bout the weather. It's a studied, tragic, and emotionally brutal film echoing the plight of millions of widows all over India. Yet, it remains upliftling in the midst of depravation, as it shows how the influence of one man gave a new meaning to hope and strengtened a nations' hold on faith.

"A widow should be long-suffering until death, self-restrained and chaste". So begins Water, with a quote from 2000 year old sacred Hindu texts - The Laws of Manu...The same laws that were later challenged by Mahatma Gandhi himself.

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GTFrenzy said...

I've read the book and watched the book. I absolutely loved it!