Ok so anybody else catch da lil' 3 year old Abdul-Rahman from Algeria dat somehow managed to memorize most if not ALL of the Holy Quran?

Apparently his momma calls him a miracle child, a blessing from Allah (as every kid is Alhamdulilah) and she sensed he would be special during her 2nd trimester. Instead of cravings and unusual eating habits she wanted nothing more and was satisfied with nothing but reading the Quran during her whole pregnancy. Subhan'Allah!

AND as if that wasn't enough, Abdul-Rahman didn't really talk until he was 3, and his first words were the verses to Surah Al Kahf (due to watching AlafasiTV ALL DAY)! Subhan-Allah.

There he is, reciting a couple Dua's, da Adhan then Surah Al Maryam.

Oh yeah this was heart-stirring too...

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